Bespoke Steel Railing Gate at Furness Quays in Salford for a New Apartment Block

We like to think that nothing brightens up a drab and dreary park, house, building complex or apartment block helps to ensure safety and security on a road side better than attractive steel railings and gates from Trentham Fencing. With our commitment to high quality manufacturing and our vast range of finishing touches, you can rest assured that you have chosen metalwork that will last for many years in the toughest of conditions and be entirely fit for purpose.

We manufacture everything in house and can supply or install all railings, gates, handrails and other bespoke metalwork to your exact specifications. We can complement railings with decorative gates, barriers and archways. Our large range of high quality finishes and colours ensures you can select options which will allow railings, gates and fences to blend in with the surrounding environment.

This recent bespoke steel railing gate was fitted in Furness Quays in Salford for a new apartment block converted from offices. 

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