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At Trentham Fencing, we have over 30 years of fencing experience and a deep understanding of perimeter security issues; in fact, Trentham Fencing were actually one of the first companies to bring Rigid Mesh Fencing to the UK market.

Our technical fencing experts bring together ingenious design, expertise and clever thinking to create exceptionally secure fencing systems appropriate to any location and risk level. We invest heavily in product research and development to guarantee designs with long lasting durability and cost effectiveness for your project.


Our most popular construction site hoardings consist of Plywood/OSB able to withstand alot of pressure from multiple sources, combined with wooden posts strongly set in specialised concrete.

These site hoardings cannot be removed without the aid of machinery, Trentham Fencing provide Timber construction site Hoarding to secure your construction site. Building Site Hoardings are an important device to not only conceal and increase security on your site, but also to protect the public from the building works and hazards going on within the area.

We can provide Temporary Timber Hoardings to increase security around your vacant property, screening the area from prying eyes and reducing the temptation to vandals. 

Our property hoardings can be painted to any colour of your choice, perhaps to match your company’s branding or to blend in with the surrounding landscape of the property or construction site. A selection of anti-climb products may also be applied to the construction site hoardings, providing additional protection against intruders to your site.

Site Hoardings are not only restricted to building and Construction Sites, temporary hoardings are also a useful tool to create secure areas during a music festival or country event. Unlike temporary mesh fencing, temporary hoardings may be used as a screening material, such as to conceal waste collection areas.

Whatever your hoarding requirements, Trentham Fencing's expert team are able to provide a solution. Our skilled team can swiftly erect and hoarding to ensure your site remains safe and secure always.


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