Trentham Fencing Ensures Security and Protection for Corporate Air Conditioning Units in Portsmouth

Case Study: Trentham Fencing Ensures Security and Protection for Corporate Air Conditioning Units in Portsmouth


The company in Portsmouth, approached Trentham Fencing with a specific concern about their air conditioning units being exposed to potential vandalism and theft. The units, placed in an open area, were also susceptible to damages from weather and wildlife. Thus, the client sought a secure and effective solution to safeguard these valuable assets.

The Trentham Fencing Solution:

Our team at Trentham Fencing identified the primary need for a secure fencing solution that could withstand harsh conditions while deterring unauthorised access. After assessing the location and potential risks, we proposed installing mesh compound fencing around the area containing the air conditioning units. The mesh fencing solution provides visibility (an essential aspect for security) and offers robust resistance against cutting tools and harsh weather.

Our proposal was well received by the client, and we swiftly moved towards implementation. The installation process involved the following steps:

  1. Site Preparation: The first step was to prepare the site for installation. Our team ensured the area was clear of any obstacles that could hinder the process.

  2. Measurement and Marking: Accurate measurements were taken to ensure that the fencing would completely cover the area around the air conditioning units. The perimeter was marked accurately.

  3. Installation: Our team, equipped with advanced tools, then proceeded with the installation of the mesh compound fencing. This included setting up the posts securely into the ground and attaching the mesh panels to form the fence.

  4. Inspection and Cleanup: Post-installation, a thorough inspection was conducted to ensure the fence's integrity. The site was cleaned, leaving it as pristine as we found it.


Post-installation, the client's air conditioning units are now secure behind a durable, high-quality mesh compound fencing. The fencing has provided effective protection against potential vandalism, theft, and environmental damage. The client was pleased with the outcome, and the peace of mind this solution brought was highly appreciated.


This project underscores Trentham Fencing's commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet our client's unique needs. We continue to safeguard valuable assets using high-quality fencing solutions that blend security with practicality. The Portsmouth corporate company now has one less worry, confident in the knowledge that their air conditioning units are well-protected by a Trentham Fencing solution.

If your company needs a similar fencing solution, get in touch with Trentham Fencing today - the leading fencing solution provider. Let's work together to secure what's important to you.

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